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By Film Threat Staff | September 10, 2001

The 2nd Annual IndieKINO International Film Festival (IIFF 2001) will be held August 27th to September 23rd, 2001. This festival will be held online. The fest’s objective is to further develop the film market through on-line media. The film festival is a great opportunity for young and relatively unknown filmmakers to present their films to a broad and Internet savvy audience. This allows producers, directors, screenwriters, and just about anyone to enjoy films from all over the world without having to attend an expensive and exclusive festival. Their hope is that the festival will have a profound effect on how the independent film industry operates, as well as providing an arena of exchange for up and coming filmmakers.
The festival is composed of two Screen Zones: The NeoKINO Screen Zone and the PostKINO Screen Zone. The NeoKINO Screen Zone is composed of the competition and non-competition categories. The NeoKINO Screen Zone will allow this year’s festival participants to exhibit their films. With much luck, their films may become a member of the PostKINO Screen Zone. The PostKINO Screen Zone offers previous festival winners an additional screening to this year’s audience.
Here’s a festival that won’t cost you a thing to travel to. Visit the official IndieKINO International Film Festival web site.
Check out’s FILM FESTIVAL ARCHIVES for more fest news!

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