By Admin | May 17, 2000

When a movie comes billed as a “cockfightin’, beer-drinkin’, a*s-whoopin’ good time,” it’s got a lot to live up to. “Inbred Rednecks” delivers on the cockfighting and beer drinking, but falls well short of being the promised good time. Inspired moments are few and far between in this overlong and largely witless ode to white trash from writer/producer/director/editor/co-star Joshua P. Warren. The story centers on Billy Bob, Joe Bob, Clovis and Bubba, a quartet of backwoods halfwits who make Beavis and Butt-Head look like Woodward and Bernstein. Billy Bob has acquired a monstrous fighting rooster, seen mostly in shadow (though a guy in a chicken suit makes fleeting appearances). The big bird, cleverly dubbed Bigass Rooster, proves an able opponent in the cockfighting arena, in addition to providing the inspiration for literally dozens of variations on the line, “Good lord! That’s the biggest c**k I’ve ever seen!” The boys’ fortunes change when Bigass Rooster defeats the local champion, owned by the ornery Monty. When Bigass is kidnapped by Monty and his crew of yokels, Billy Bob and the gang must set off in hot pursuit. By the time we get to the big showdown, however, “Inbred Rednecks” has taken so many detours and side trips, it’s long since run out of gas. And while these tangents allow plenty of opportunites for farting, booger-eating, dump-taking and projectile vomiting, they all take forever to get where they’re going and rarely are worth the trip. The freshness date has long since past on too many of these gags, particularly Bubba’s trip to the drugstore to pick up a box of extra-large condoms (anyone want to guess if there’s a price check over the store intercom?). And even for this level of low-budget guerrilla filmmaking, the production values are atrocious, with many scenes taking place on generic, overlit sets or even against completely black backgrounds. To its credit, “Inbred Rednecks” is occasionally in focus. But at well over two hours, the movie’s running time is better suited to a Stanley Kubrick epic than a scruffy gross-out comedy. Forty minutes worth of c**k puns alone could be trimmed with no difficulty. A few of the actors manage to display some comedic flair in their thankless roles, among them Shannon “Redman” Franklin as Bubba and director Warren himself as Clovis. Next time, though, Warren would be wise not to try tackling everything himself. Another pair of eyes in the editing room certainly wouldn’t hurt.

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