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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 31, 2007

2007 SUNDANCE SHORT! The young woman pictured in “In Passing” puts more work in driving her car than anyone in her country. She has to memorize paths, kerbs, signs, and if she forgets any of the patterns she drives in, she’ll be lost. Partially blind, and only able to see slight features in her surroundings, she relies on mannerisms from other people to recognize them. Patterns in walking, heavy perfume, smoke, and the like, and she still manages to live her life almost the same.

With fascinating animation, and an wonderful visuals, Allen and crew pose a wonderful glimpse into the eyes of this woman and her struggle to compose her daily activities, and job through the inability to see even the most basic features, and uses her memory of sound, smell, and recognizing large shapes and designs to keep her guided on her routines.

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