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By Chris Gore | December 1, 1997

I love Imax movies. I love 3-D Imax movies even better. In fact, I think I could watch a 3-D Imax movie of a guy sitting in a chair doing nothing and still sit astounded in my chair as I marvel at the gargantuan, realistic images. It’s incredible, you stick this visor over your eyes which somehow electronically interfaces with the projection system so that your brain experiences the 3-D images.
Anyone older than 12 must be somewhat familiar with the tale of the Nutcracker. It’s a delightful tale for children and enjoyable for adults. But when the seven-headed mouse king is beheaded by the Nutcracker army, things get somewhat intense. The costumes are strange and the events off the wall. This Imax interpretation of the children’s classic is the most bizarre ever. It’s like a children’s film by way of David Lynch which makes this Christmas tale definitely worth a look.

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