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By Mark Bell | May 21, 2013

Grumpusworks Viral Media is an advertising company that specializes in viral marketing. When the famous panda sneezing video comes across their desks, the creative team gets together to see if they can re-capture the viral magic of said video for their own clients. Did I mention that the majority of the characters are puppets?

I’m Gonna Eat Your Lunch: Episode 1 – Panda Bullets is the pilot episode of a web series that cleverly mocks the contemporary world of advertising. From the suffering filmmaker stuck in the video editing closet, to the sex-crazed, booze-fueled manager, to the “creatives” who don’t seem to have a solid good idea, yet think otherwise, the show mocks every possible corner.

The humor is absurdist (I mean, they are puppets after all), and not every joke hits, but it’s still fairly entertaining throughout. My main criticism of the production is its running time. While it is the perfect running time for a television episode, the content doesn’t necessarily fill it out. The result, though humorous in some cases, feels a bit drawn out overall.

That said, however, I would watch another episode. It’s got lots of promise festering in its satire-stuffed guts, and while this episode wasn’t wall-to-wall great, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the makings of another brilliant show like Wonder Showzen on our hands. Yes, I thought Wonder Showzen was brilliant; you may now re-read all my critical thoughts with that knowledge and see what changes for you, considering your own appreciation, or lack of appreciation, of said show.

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