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By Film Threat Staff | August 29, 2002

A couple weeks ago, we announced an event called the Rolling River Music and Film Festival, which is to take place on September 18-22 in Minneapolis. The event is still set to take place, but it looks like it may just be the Rolling River Music Festival now as IFP Minneapolis/Saint Paul, the organization responsible for programming the film portion of th festival, has pulled their schedule of films from the festival in order to screen them at their own event.
“We felt that the films within this festival would be better served as a separate event,” said Jane Minton, IFP MSP’s Executive Director. “IFP MSP will do a better job of presenting and promoting these excellent films in the context of a festival with the singular focus of film.”
This new event is The Central Standard Film Festival and it will take place as originally scheduled, on September 18-22. The festival will be moving its screenings of 30 regional feature-length films and 23 short films to the Historic Heights Theatre and Apache 6 Theatre in Columbia Heights, MN.
See our previous story to find out what’s in store for attendees of the The Central Standard Film Festival.

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