Midnight is sleep-time for some and curfew hour for teens, but for the rest of us, 12 o’clock is the perfect time for trippy, punk film. The Independent Film Channel gets it. The IFC Cult Film Festival, which runs from [ April 16th to the 22nd, 2001 ] at midnight, is serving up some of the best independent, eccentric, and unconventional movies ever for film freaks, DIY kids, and insomniacs alike.
The host for the month-long event is non other than former punk icon and Sex Pistol (and later PIL) frontman John Lydon. And the line-up? Expect to see Dario Argento’s blazing “Inferno,” “Blue Velvet,” “River’s Edge,” “After Hours,” “Repo Man,” “Dawn of The Dead” and many, many more. The full schedule, and all film details, are over at The IFC Cult Film Festival site.

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