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By Mark Bell | September 16, 2008

Today is tame by the fest’s earlier standards, mainly because most of the films playing are ones that I would’ve already caught earlier in the fest. That said, that makes today a good catch-up day, in case you missed any previous suggestions.

6:20pm, “Estomago: A Gastronomic Story”

Prison food. Prison cook. Unique enough idea, bet it’s one of those surprisingly amazing flicks and, therefore, should be given a shot.

8:50pm, “Tokyo Gore Police”
This just looks batshit insane. Again, wouldn’t eat during this one but why miss out on the experience?

11:55pm, Fantastic Debates Party
Only nerds could make a party out of debating. And only bigger nerds would attend said party. Therefore, count me in…

The festival is winding down, but Wednesday is another solid day of programming. This thing just doesn’t let up!

1:30pm, “Surveillance”

A “roadside serial killer massacre” that is compared to “Rashomon”? Now that’s the type of genre-bending mindfuck that I’d want to see early on a hump day.

6:25pm, “Acolytes”

This looks creepy, intense and all-around fun. That simple.

9pm, “Gachi Boy: Wrestling With a Memory”
“Nacho Libre” turned me off to films about masked wrestlers, but I’d be willing to give this one a chance, just for the “Memento”-esque short term memory issues.

11:45pm, “Dark Floors”

Finnish death metal band Lordi play monsters in this flick and while I don’t have a Lordi t-shirt handy, I wouldn’t miss a Gwar flick any more than I’d miss this one.

The last day of the festival, and I would probably be exhausted at this point. Still, a couple more flicks to catch…

2:30pm, “How to Get Rid of the Others”

This seems like a dark comedy right up my alley. Getting rid of 5% of a population because it accounts for 60% of the government spending seems like something a businessman would think up, and who doesn’t love atrocities in the name of efficiency?

7pm, Closing Night Film
The festival keeps this film a secret, but that just means that you can’t miss it.

9:30pm, Get Lit: Closing Night Cave Party
A party in a cavern? Not since Slamdance took place in an abandoned silver mine have I heard of a closing night locale this interesting. Go big, then go home!

If you keep to my proposed schedule, I think you’ll have a full festival experience. Remember to drink your liquids (not just beer) and stay well-fed. Oh, right, you’re at the Drafthouse. Shouldn’t be a problem then…

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