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By Admin | April 27, 2003

The tagline for “Identity” is – “‘Identity’ is a killer.” Oh, it’s a killer. It’ll kill 90 minutes of your time and a few brain cells not to mention $8.50 of your hard earned cash.
“Identity” starts off with a group of strangers getting trapped in a roadside motel due to a torrential downpour. One by one, these 10 strangers start to mysteriously get knocked off. Sounds like a good idea, and the film actually isn’t that bad for the first hour or so, but once the tricky twisty ending is introduced, “Identity” goes to pieces. “Identity” wants you to think it’s a cool, sophisticated horror mystery movie, but it’s really a bad ‘80s influenced horror film.
We can blame writer Michael Cooney, the man responsible for writing and directing “Jack Frost” and “Jack Frost 2,” you know, the straight to video horror films about a killer snowman, for the mess called “Identity.” It has a great cast, a great concept, and a good director on board, but Cooney’s script makes sure no one gets out clean.
For example, foreshadowing in a film is supposed to hint at what is coming, not hit you over the head like you’re some huckleberry that’s been living in a shack in the middle of Arkansas and missed movies 101. For the sake of the few huckleberries out there who may be redaing this, I’ll refrain from giving any examples that may blow the film for you.
Oh, and just wait until you see the end of the film. For some reason, “Pet Sematary” comes to mind. Oh, and so does “The Hitcher.” Oh, and “Event Horizon.” The cliché o meter goes to 11 on this one.
Let me make an attempt at some better foreshadowing. If you go to see this movie, you will leave pissed off that you spent $8.50.

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