Dimension Films has announced a big screen adaptation of the TV show “Welcome Back Kotter” with sell-out…errr….big name star Ice Cube attached as the lead. According to the “how did they do this with a straight face” press release, “”Welcome Back, Kotter” is about a brash, young teacher teacher (Ice Cube) who returns to his tough, inner city alma-mater, where he’s assigned to teach a new generation of the same sort of underprivileged, unmotivated, troublemaking students that he used to be.” Bob Weinstein added, “We are excited to introduce ‘Kotter’ to a new generation, with Ice Cube putting his own brand of comedy on this legendary character.” Gabe Kaplan, the original “Mr. Kott-air” added “We were skeptical about selling ‘Kotter’ because making a great movie from a TV show can be challenging. After meeting with the Weinsteins, we knew they were the right ones to bring this project – which has been beloved by so many people over the years – to the big screen.” Yeah Gabe, by making the film like “Barber Shop?” You’re clearly totally broke. We sure hope Usher gets cast as Horseshack. More on this story as it develops…

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