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By Admin | November 25, 2005

This inspiring documentary focuses on one Hayden Milligan, better known as I, Zombi, Lexington, Kentucky’s notorious cable access horror host. Through plenty of interview footage and clips from Hayden’s show, “The Witching Hour,” filmmaker Jeremy Newman reveals to us the eccentricities of this rabid horror fan. And when he’s not coated in white zombie make-up, we also get to know the real Hayden Milligan and that’s where the true heart of this story lies.

As a child, Hayden was caught in the middle of a house fire, leaving him with severe burns, mostly covering his face and head. But instead of being completely enveloped by this tragedy, Hayden has held his head higher than most people I know and he’s chased after his dreams with everything he’s got. Hayden has been a body builder, he’s a musician and he is a cable access horror host which has earned him membership to the Horror Host Underground, a nationwide network of cable horror hosts.

That’s right, horror hosting is still going strong and chances are that there is a horror peddling creeper (if not a few) on your local public access channel. Jeremy Newman’s film also spends some time with these personalities as they reveal their horror hosting philosophies and anecdotes.

But, the main focus of the film is Lexington’s own I, Zombi and it is an inspiring watch. Here is a horror fan who is doing something creative with his obsession and here is a man who has overcome tremendous odds to make his dreams come true. “I, Zombi” works on many different levels and it’s a damn fun ride.

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