By Admin | September 29, 2003

William Atherton (Walter Peck – “Ghostbusters”, Richard Thornburg – “Die Hard”) – “I’m not interested in your opinion. Just shut it off!”
Busy Body A*****e: Always poking his nose in business that just isn’t his. As Walter Peck, he unleashed a horde of ghosts on New York City. As Richard Thornburg, he put Holly McClane’s life in even worse danger than it already was to further his career as a journalist…and he did it twice! Notice the phallic names. Walter Peck? Richard “Dick Thornburg? Hmmmm…

Paul Gleason (Richard Vernon – “The Breakfast Club”, Clarence Beeks – “Trading Places”) – “No more of your goddamn jerky beef!”
Angriest Man in the World A*****e: Always playing a pissed off teacher, government agent…parent? Yeah, I’m sure he’s played a pissed Dad before. Have we ever seen this guy in a pleasant mood? Maybe it’s because he’s actually worried that Barry Manilow does know that he raids his wardrobe.

Peter Greene (Zed – “Pulp Fiction”, Peter Winter – “Clean, Shaven”) “Bring out the Gimp.”
Psychotic A*****e: Psychotic and highly dangerous, Greene’s characters guarantee that someone in the film will meet with a grisly demise…or maybe just a flicked cigarette to the eyeball. Tales of off-camera drug addiction and violence, true and false, give his characters that extra push and a half over the edge.

David Hess (Krug Stillo – “The Last House on the Left”, Ferret – “Swamp Thing”) – “Piss your pants!”
Homicidal A*****e: Nothing positive can be said of Hess’ more memorable characters. Forcing people to piss their pants before raping and killing them is no way to get people to see your tender side. Hess’ acting resume is actually pretty diverse, but it’s his work in “The Last House on the Left,” “The House on the Edge of the Park,” “Hitch Hike” and even “Swamp Thing” that will forever cement him in our memories as the guy who brought us the ultimate in killer a******s.

David Patrick Kelly (Luther – “The Warriors”, Luther – “48 Hrs.”) – “Warriors, come out and play-i-ay.”
Weaselly A*****e: The man that would play two different Luthers, one just as much of an a*****e as the other. Always setting someone up for a fall, selling someone down the river, or ripping someone off, this a*****e often finds himself being chased down the street by the likes of Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Brandon Lee. Watch that weasel go!

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