By Admin | January 5, 2004

Everyone loves a******s, right? I know I do. Just as long as they stay up there on that screen and don’t make any special appearances in the backseat of my car, waving a gun and demanding that I drive them into Mexico for a special donkey show. That would be bad.

A good movie a*****e is most always vastly more entertaining than everyone else in the film, just as long as they’re not irritating and don’t show too much full frontal nudity. This list is a tribute of sorts to those actors (a swell bunch of guys, I’m sure) who have that special ability to make audiences loathe and love them at the same time with their regular roles as some very unsavory customers. The characters they play aren’t necessarily villains…they’re just a******s.

Of the a******s on this short list, some are more notorious than others. But I did try and avoid some of the bigger, better known billboard names. They get enough coverage at other websites and magazines. Well, this is our website and these are our a******s, so pucker up because here they are!

Get your a******s in part two of I LOVE THE ASSHOLES!>>>

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