So yeah, yesterday was my first day of actually seeing films and I have to share with you guys the horror of Nick Cannon. He stars in the film “Weapons” and he is absolutely atrocious in the film. I first didn’t really like him in the film “”Bobby” and this film affirmed for me the fact that he can’t act whatsoever. I am still finishing the “”Weapons” review so very soon you guys will be able to see what I really thought of that one. I do have to admit though that the film “Rocket Science” which screened right after “Weapons” was an amazing flick but other than that yeah, just getting ready for the movies I am seeing today. Everyone have a good one and I will get back to you guys later.

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  1. Phil Hall says:

    Nick Cannon movies in Sundance? Uh oh…

  2. Anderton says:

    Great blog.
    Just a quick information about “Minor”, Jean-Jacques Annaud’s last movie, which will be released in the end of this year. The story takes place in Ancient and mythical Greece, in an island where men and mythical creatures live together. Vincent Cassel will play one of the character. Annaud remains very secret about his movie but a very first picture has been released. if you wanna take a look : http://blogywoodland.blogspot.com/2007/01/minor-jean-jacques-annaud-revisite-les.html

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