By Film Threat Staff | October 11, 2002

Drama, intrigue, comedy and cocktails. All this and more abounds at HypeFest, a newly-launched film & video festival that links independent ideas with commercial creativity. A high-energy festival, HypeFest was created to showcase artistry in film, commercials and music videos from a diversity of filmmakers and storytellers.
HypeFest has been founded by Festival Co-Directors Leigh Godfrey and Jessie Nagel, Director of Programming Katharine E. Monahan Huntley, and Director of Communications Colleen O¹Mara. With extensive experience in the film, commercial, music video and entertainment industries, the founders have positioned HypeFest as a bridge between content creators in the independent and commercial communities. In addition, HypeFest will offer a platform for filmmakers to promote their work to the commercial industry.
Screening live-action and animation, narrative and non-narrative works, HypeFest will also showcase compelling commercials, music videos and promos; and host a screenwriting contest honoring the best and the brightest new voices in cinema.
“From our experience participating in and promoting many film festivals over the years, we discovered time and time again there was a gap between the filmmakers and artists, and the business community,” says Festival Co-Director Jessie Nagel. “We believe our strength is connecting people, their stories and their businesses. HypeFest is a way to unite storytellers with the experts who can get their stories told.”
The premiere of HypeFest will take place in July 2003 in Hollywood as a 2 1/2-day event of film screenings and nightly parties complete with networking opportunities. The festival’s call for entries will be issued in mid-November 2002, so be prepared!
“ur goal with HypeFest is to attract high-quality content in many genres — short films, music videos and commercials — created using the various methods and technologies available to filmmakers today,” explains Leigh Godfrey, Festival Co-Director. “We want to provide a forum for that content to be seen and also create opportunities for filmmakers to connect with producers and distributors.”
For more information, visit the HypeFest website.

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