By Doug Brunell | October 25, 2004

If you look at the names of the people involved in this film, which is based on a short story by its star (Audrey Elizabeth Evans, who plays Samora), you can see that it’s a family affair. I must admit, too, that it is about time America got its own talented horror family. That said, this story isn’t the most intense fright around, but it does merit attention if only as a sign of things to come.

Samora is a little girl afraid of the Boogeyman (Zack Evans), who lurks in her closet and under her bed. He’s terrorizing the little girl, but her mother (Bridgett Colley Evans) doesn’t believe her. Big mistake.

As you watch this short film, you are asked to believe in something that is never given an explanation – Samora’s seemingly magical powers. Knowing this is based off a child’s story makes that a bit more understandable, but it could’ve used more clarification in the film. That’s a pretty minor flaw, though, as this still offers a dream-like sense of wonder and some oddly creepy moments that won’t scare the pants off you, but will keep you watching.

The Evans family seems pretty gifted. In fact, I’m anxious to see future films from this group. Who knows? Ten years down the road it may be America’s answer to the Argentos.

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