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By Tom Meek | November 23, 1998

The screen adaptation of David Rabe’s play packs an all-star cast into a downtrodden Mamet-ian world full of testasterone and self loathing. Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey play a pair of dysfunctional, “Odd Couple” roommates who share the same office — they’re deal makers in the biz — and for a brief moment the affections of the same woman (Robin Wright) — but not at the same time. For the most part they hang out in the luxury of their Valley chalet, snort coke, banter about love, fate and destiny, and keep a tight eye on their mercurial buddy, Chazz Palminteri. Meg Ryan and Garry Shandling pop-up as delectable odd balls hanging on the fringe of trio’s edgy friendship and Anna Paquin is a piquant addition as the teenage couch potato who nonchalantly turns tricks. Fantastic performances all around and portrait of tumultuous Hollywood caricatures are cool and crisp even though the plot flounders at times.

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