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By Film Threat Staff | November 29, 2002

Robert Hooker’s homage to legendary exploitation film director Herschell Gordon Lewis, “Hunting for Herschell,” is nearing completion.
The movie follows aspiring filmmakers, Eddie and Thomas, who go on a search for Lewis, in hopes he will produce their unknowingly bad picture. Many obstacles prove to be only small stumbling blocks for the gruesome twosome as those around them seem to meet with bloody ends. Some scenes, characters and nuances in the film are reminiscent of Lewis’ classic cult films, which include “Blood Feast,” “2,000 Maniacs,” “Gruesome Twosome,” “Wizard of Gore,” “Color me Blood Red” and others.
“Hunting for Herschell” is scheduled to premiere at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention in New York, January 12th at 6pm.
Read what Herschell has to say about the film in our exclusive interview.
Check out the trailer at the Hunting for Herschell website.

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