This quickly-made animated video, offered by the Funny or Die website, reconfigures the Dr. Seuss holiday staple with presidential aspirant Newt Gingrich as the green-skinned baddie who tries to steal Christmas. In this case, however, the Gingrich-as-Grinch loathes the Obamas in the White House, who drink “socialist tea” from (what else?) red china cups. Believing that he should be president, Gingrich robs the White House of its finery – but discovers too late that his presidential ambitions are all in vain.

There are several funny/nasty moments to be found here: Gingrich’s evil is because of a twig-sized heart and a head that is “10 sizes too big,” his third wife Calista pulls his sled to and from the White House, and a skeleton shaped like the Who-hearing elephant Horton serves as Gingrich’s throne. Comic Paul F. Tompkins offers a Karloffian-worthy narration, and the mercifully compact running time keeps the one-joke film from overplaying its hand.

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