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By Film Threat Staff | September 19, 2002

This from Creature Corner – the “House of the Dead” feature is currently being edited by director Uwe Boll, who has decided to integrate actual footage from the “House of the Dead” game into the film.
Yeah I know, this film is starting to sound like something we may need to stick in the “what the hell were thinking” file. But if it’s any consolation, “House of the Dead” co-writer Dave Parker is bummed about the idea as well.
“I really don’t know how this idea Uwe has come up with came about, but it really could go down as one of the biggest misjudgments that a director could do,” explains Parker. “People want to see the movie as the movie and play the game as the game. They should be separate and I really hope in the end that they do.”
We hope so, too.
For more info, check out the House of the Dead” website.

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