The Sundance Film Festival presents the third annual House of Docs. Designed to increase awareness of documentary film and provide support for documentary filmmakers by cultivating dialogue among Festival filmmakers, documentary participants and industry leaders, the House of Docs is open January 11 through January 19. The House of Docs is located at the Gateway Center (136 Heber Ave., across from the Main Box Office), and is open from 10 am to 7 pm.
The 10-day program of the House of Docs provides opportunities for Festival filmmakers to network and to meet both formally and informally with resource advisors, members of the press, and international representatives. Roundtable discussions, special presentations, and one-on-one meetings take place throughout the Film Festival on topics ranging from the creative process, ethics, and current nonfiction trends to development, finance, distribution, and exhibition.
“Documentary film, always a vital medium for the visual and narrative exploration of human, social and political issues, plays an even more important role in today’s world,” said Nicole Guillemet, Codirector of the Sundance Film Festival. “It is key to fostering the democratic privilege of free expression and promoting dialogues between cultures. This year, the House of Docs integrates filmmaking, art, politics in a forum for discussion and enrichment.”
This year, the House of Docs includes a celebration of Women in Art and Politics. On Wednesday, January 16, panels, roundtables and conversations exploring the accomplishments of and challenges faced by women in art, film and politics include: Changing the Subject: Women and Documentary, a panel discussing the role of women and their place in the future development of documentary filmmaking; Voices Unveiled: A Conversation with Political Commentator Farai Chideya, explores how to support women’s voices from the Muslim world; and Open House with the White House Project, a panel discussion focusing on how to bring women’s voices and vision to the forefront of mass media.
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Returning this year is the House of Docs Gallery, featuring an exhibit of photographs, political cartoons, and paintings from internationally renowned artists. The presentation documents how artists respond to politics and conflict. The Gallery features works by: Luca Babini, Steve Brodner, Hans Burkhardt, Agnes Denes, Bikem Ekberzade, Dan Eldon, Francis Jetter, Helen Levitt, Gideon Mendel, Steve Neubeker, Peter Turnley, and Zalmai.
The House of Docs is also expanding the successful Filmmaker-to-Filmmaker roundtables. Designed to allow filmmakers to share experiences and reflect on their creative process, topics include: Whose Story is it?, the struggle of documentarians in balancing objectivity and subjectivity; Subjects and the Aftermath, a candid look at the impact documentary films have on their subjects; Stories from the Field, provides candid accounts of the trials and tribulations of life in the field.
Politics and social commentary have always been at the forefront of subject matter for non-fiction filmmakers. This year the House of Docs presents panels and discussions focusing on current political and social events. Topics include: “Steps for the Future”: International Collaboration, a presentation of a unique international collaborative project which commissioned 30 films in seven South African countries on HIV/AIDS and is a successful model for future initiatives Political Engagement and the Artist, examining the role documentary art plays in bearing witness to political struggle; A Conversation with War Correspondents, chronicling the role of war correspondents and the impact of the changing depth of coverage; and an Open House with Center for Social Media-American University, discussing the Center’s role promoting and supporting social action projects.
Panels and discussions on the business of documentary filmmaking are an important part of this year’s House of Docs schedule. From securing financing to the use of new technology, events include: Roads to New Funding; AIVF Pitching to the Pros: The Verbal Art of Selling Your Project; Open House with Media Arts Organizations: AIVF, FAF, and IDA; Making Sense of the Broadcast Market; Three Films, Three Markets; Distribution Spectrum; Outreach: Making an Impact; Designing a Successful Press Strategy; The International Scene; and Digital Storytelling: The Evolution.
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