The seemingly infinite universe of B-movie actresses is filled with as many different types of ladies as their are stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Each screaming to be noticed above the rest. A tall order in a business that is filled with fame-crazed loonies who would sell their grandmother to the Hillside Strangler for a guest shot on “That 70s Show.”
But Heidi Christine is a breed apart from the usual softcore cuties who writhe and groan on-camera with hopes of parlaying it into a series of big, fat mega-dollar paydays. Sure, she may be as hungry for success as the next gal, but Ms. Christine’s also a highly spiritual individual whose belief in God is obviously as important to her as any film role.
The diminutive–yet jaw-droppingly curvaceous–blonde has modeled in Penthouse, as well as competing in many fitness competitions–including the Galaxy Competition on ESPN. And her film credits include appearances in several films for the fledgling Seduction Cinema empire. As it turns out, Heidi’s sweet demeanor and sincerity is as disarming as her mesmerizing beauty.
Read the interview and see a lot more of Heidi in part two of HOTTER THAN HELL: B-MOVIE SIREN HEIDI CHRISTINE>>>

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