By Admin | December 17, 2002

The reviews are in and Kris Hanson has come out on top as winner of our Wanna See a “Hot Chick?” contest. We feel his pain and it is quite clearly spelled out in his negative review of Rob Schneider’s latest.
In fact, when we’ve done these contests in the past, we received mixed reactions of the film in question, but this time around, we were sent not one positive word about The Hot Chick. I say word because not all entries came in the form of reviews. Some were curious rants (“Rob Schneider movies are bad pizza. The tomato is old. There is grease collected in the center of the pepperonis, the rims of which twist upwards in a disturbingly nipple-like fashion.”), others started out as reviews, but turned into “shame on you” letters (“In the end you have contributed, however slightly, to the film’s opening weekend gross by soliciting reviews from the paying audience.”), while others were notes from people who just plain didn’t see the flick, but thought they would write in anyways (“I, like the Film Threat crew, have no interest in these kinds of films regardless of who stars in them. And, NO, I did not go to this film. And, NO, I will not go.”) Whatever the case, everyone had some s**t to sling at The Hot Chick.
Congratulations to Kris Hanson and thank you to everyone that entered! Reading your rants, I’m sure, was more entertaining than sitting through this movie…and that was the plan all along. Happy holidays to you all. Now go redeem yourselves by seeing a real movie, like “The Two Towers!”

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