By Mark Bell | June 18, 2006

Like Mike, I too have finally arrived home. Also like Mike, I too have a number of blog entries and pics that I wanted to post but was unable to, so expect them over the next few days (as well as more reviews and video coverage on the main FT site). I do feel the need right now, however, to let you know how my Cinevegas experience ended:

I left the final party of the festival, the Vegas Magazine party at the Green Valley Ranch, and made my way back to the Rio Hotel. As I waited for the elevator, a guy and two very inebriated ladies joined me. All three were visibly drunk, and I estimated in their 40’s. The guy was giggling, and the girls, a very attractive, though short, blond and her equally attractive brunette friend, continually kissed each other… and then giggled about it. We boarded the elevator and the two girls began grabbing each others’ breasts and tried to nurple each other. Cool, interesting, yeah. As I turned to check which floor we’re on, the blonde mentioned something about her nipples and as I turned to react she flashed me. OKAY. The brunette then told her not to do that, as it’ll give me a hard-on. So what did the blonde do? She goes “let me see” and reached for my crotch. Out of instinct more than anything, I twirled to dodge the hand-check and, as the elevator door opened to my floor, stumbled out into the hallway. As I recovered, the doors closed and I could hear all three of them laughing. I went to my room, organized my stuff and prepared to drive back to LA. And thus, Cinevegas was over…

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  1. Mark Bell says:

    Well, I didn’t want to gross out the other people who stayed in the room with me…

  2. Pete says:

    organized my stuff

    Is that what they’re calling it now?

  3. kelly says:

    hey, sorry for that experience. You know, people do that to see what you can do, but i think sometimes it’s neccessary to experience such things.

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