It’s no surprise that a city as full of itself and as boastfully home to the booming movie industry as Hollywood would make plenty of films exposing its own peaks and valleys, the sparkle as well as the dark side of cinematic terrain. Beginning on [ October 5th, 2000, ] the American Cinematheque, with aid from the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles, will unveil a special “Hollywood on Hollywood” film series. That makes it “Hollywood on Hollywood” in Hollywood.
The entire event was inspired by a recent Egyptian screening entitled “Hollywood Forever” — a daily attraction film shown frequently at the theatre featuring clips and snippets from great self-referencing Hollywood movies of past and present. When pestered as to why the full-length films hadn’t appeared in their own program at the Egyptian, the “Hollywood on Hollywood” series was officially given its genesis.
Screenings for the run include classics like “Singin’ in the Rain” and “Sunset Boulevard,” and modern fare like P.T. Anderson’s “Boogie Nights,” which will play on [ October 15th, ] also share screen time.
For a complete breakdown of the “Hollywood on Hollywood” schedule, as well as other upcoming American Cinematheque/Egyptian Theatre events, go to [ the Egyptian Theatre website. ]

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