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By Eric Campos | June 27, 2009

This one’s probably worth checking out for those planning to venture out to Los Angeles to live the Hollywood dream. Not to discourage them, mind you – just for maybe a smidge of a reality check.

Thirtysomething Jerome turns heartbreak into opportunity when he loses his boyfriend to another man. Instead of sitting around and sulking, he packs his bags and leaves his home in Paris for Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. But not long after he arrives he starts catching the hint that life in Hollywood isn’t all Ratt and Roll. The hostel he checks into is a shithole and the people on the bus are rude. However, Jerome’s “lost babe in the woods” appeal draws a few people to him and they take him under their wing. First he meets a rather friendly pot dealer at the beach and then, wandering the Hollywood streets, he meets a couple of trannies who take him in at their house in Silverlake. Things start looking up for Jerome, especially when his new pot buddy introduces him to an agent who lands Jerome some commercial acting work. But the cracks in Jerome’s Hollywood dream continue to grow as he comes to discover that his new acting gig can often be quite boring and uninspiring.

“Hollywood, je t’aime” isn’t as much of a bummer as it may sound, but it certainly isn’t a rip roaring adventure in wonderland. However, there is a lot of swinging wang and juicy man on man action.

I apologize if the word “juicy” is too descriptive.

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