By Admin | February 6, 2011

There’s only one reason someone would read a review of a movie called Hobo with a Shotgun – to see if the film delivers.  Spoiler alert: it does.  Holy s**t, does this movie deliver!  Grindhouse and Machete may have rebirthed the exploitation genre but Hobo with a Shotgun takes it to another level.  Honestly, this is what everyone wanted from Snakes on a Plane but didn’t get.  The film makes no excuses, it delivers where it promises to deliver, and it’s eighty-six of the most entertaining minutes you’ll ever experience.  That is, if you’re not turned off by unbelievable levels of violence, language that far surpasses “profane,” and a pedophilic Santa Claus.  For God’s sake, the movie takes place in F**k Town. 

Writer/director Jason Eisener is the man behind the coolest Sundance short film of last year, Treevenge.  In short, Christmas trees are sick of being cut down and put up on display so they get revenge by any means necessary (i.e. stomping on your baby’s face).  Fans of Treevenge will not be disappointed by Eisener’s debut feature.  Both open with beautiful 70s-esque scores over a serene look at America (whether it be of a peaceful grove of trees or of a homeless man riding the rails) and then quickly switches gears into intense violence.  And it’s only appropriate that Eisener’s feature be coupled with Sundance’s most talked about short of this year, the ultraviolent Legend of Beaver Dam.  (Note: Treevenge played before the Nazi zombie flick Dead Snow in 2010.)

Mark my words: Hobo with a Shotgun will do for Rutger Hauer as The Wrestler did for Mickey Rourke.

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  1. Jobbleman says:

    Scott, I hope you are right about the Rutger–> Hobo= Rourke–> Wrestler.

    I am so excited to see this.

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