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By Steve Anderson | July 3, 2007

Somewhere, in New York, which isn’t much of a surprise to those of us who have seen New York, Hitler lives. He’s a complete and utter prick, but he lives. For some reason, Jesus Christ likes to talk to him. It’s that conversation that makes up the entire seventy six minutes of “Hitler Meets Christ”.

And it’s weird… watching this constant back-and-forth between Hitler and Christ. Some of it is so very plausible. And yet, some of it is so completely outrageous that it should never be. This constant alternation between the outlandish and the likely is actually rather appealing.

It’s based on a play, for crying out loud. This might be almost exactly what they’re staging; I don’t know. I’ve never seen “Hitler Meets Christ in the Port Authority Bus Terminal”. And yet, by the end, you’ll likely find yourself wondering just what it was all supposed to mean. It has a cumbersome sort of depth to it–so many possible interpretations to what just went on in front of you and not a one of them proven valid or invalid by the less-than-satisfactory ending.

In a way, it’s infuriating. And in another, liberating. But, all in all, this is the kind of thing you can really only enjoy if you have a huge tolerance for ambiguity and don’t mind not knowing just what happened.

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