The Hip Hop Film Festival is starting it’s 2003 Fall tour in Philadelphia, October 3-9, 2003 at The Roxy.
The Hip Hop Film Festival is a touring film festival showcasing urban cinema that is intent on transcending stereotypes, elevating consciousness and addressing social and personal responsibility. The festival is a collective of filmmakers, artists and volunteers working to organize, support, economically elevate, and socially empower the urban arts community intent on countering apathy, commercialism, and violence present in our society today.
The screening schedule includes:
“Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme” ^ “Breath Control” ^ “The Freshest Kids” ^ “Street Legends” ^ “Revenge of the Robots” ^ “Unpecendented” ^ “Aftermath-911/Unanswered Questions” ^ “Beef” ^ “Resistencia: Hip Hop Colombia” ^ “Nobody Knows My Name”
Look for the fest to hit Toronto ^ Richmond, Virginia ^ Dublin, Ireland ^ Detroit ^ Chicago ^ New York ^ DC ^ and many other stops
For more info, visit the Hip Hop Film Festival website.

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