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By Eric Campos | October 19, 2004

It is just me or are Southern zombies really cooler than the rest of the walking dead out there? Maybe it’s just that when I see one, that good old ditty from “2000 Maniacs” – “The South’s Gonna Rise Again” – pops in my head and sets my pants aflame or maybe I’m just a true Southern boy at heart. Whatever the case, “Hide and Creep” is a zombie movie made by an Alabamian cast and crew and it delivers the goods.

The s**t and guts hit the fan when the town of Thorsby, Alabama suddenly finds itself infested with zombies. The local authorities are out of town – must be a really trustworthy bunch of townsfolk – so it’s up to a zombie savvy video store clerk, gun-toting rednecks and the sheriff’s station phone operator to handle this living dead menace. The results are violent and oftentimes knee slapping funny with zombies being shot in the head left and right. This is a movie that knows how to deal with a zombie attack. Horror fans will get a kick out of it.

“Hide and Creep” has that “Shaun of the Dead” spirit about it – it’s made by people who clearly have great affection for the zombie sub-genre and they tip their hats to all of the living dead greats of the past without letting it interfere with their own story they’re trying to tell. In short, lovers of the dead won’t want to miss this one. It’s true zombie a*s kicking fun!

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