By Admin | November 3, 2003

If you’re one of those Americans who can’t find enough reasons to be pissed off at our government, here’s another one for ya.
John H. Smihula’s “Hidden in Plain Sight” attempts to reveal the School of the Americas at Fort Benning in Georgia as a training camp for assassins in Latin America, including major death squad leaders and dictator Manuel Noriega. Smihula presents a strong case here for the evil doings within the School of the Americas as we hear from people who have been brutalized by soldiers trained at the school. We also hear from the school’s many detractors and even the U.S. military who support the school and swear up and down that the institution has been set up to keep the peace in Latin America, but every time these people open their mouths, they’re just sticking their foot in even deeper.
“Hidden in Plain Sight” is composed mostly of talking head interviews with plenty of actual human slaughter footage from other parts of the world accompanying them to drive home the urgency of this story even deeper. This film is designed to turn your stomach and make you feel ashamed of your fellow man.

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