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By Merle Bertrand | January 21, 2001

It’s easy to imagine the life of a hit man being a lot like Wile E. Coyote’s in the “Road Runner” cartoons. As long as the Coyote doesn’t look down when he runs off the edge of a cliff, he’s fine. As soon as he sees that canyon floor waaay down below, however…
Same with hit men like Bane (Lee Majors). Shoot your mark and walk away. Never think about it. Don’t let it enter your head that you’re killing a human being. Yet, called to Niagara Falls to rub out yet another thug, Bane is beginning to realize that his life is in a rut. Same old meal in the same old cheap motel; same old Niagara Falls roaring in the background; same old drive to pick up his unsuspecting mark Spencer (Albert S.)
Something about Spencer snaps Bane out of this rut, however; forces him to look down at that canyon floor at the bottom of the roaring Falls. He’s getting a conscience. And if Bane is finally able to break his pattern, it just might snap the invisible leash holding him “here.”
This is generally an unremarkable film except for two things. One, that Niagara Falls looks so cold and uninviting in the off-season and two, the excellent job Majors does as Bane. It’s not as if writer/director Brendan Donovan gave the veteran actor a whole lot to say in this short film. This leaves it up to the taciturn actor’s expressive face to convey the moment. His tired eyes looking as if they’ve witnessed a contract hit or two in their day, Majors shows that he’s still a highly capable actor “Here.”

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