By Jeremy Knox | July 17, 2005

Although Herbie Duck (Reggie DeMorton) seems like a kind, soft-spoken almost elderly man, he actually has a few rather disturbing habits; he likes to lure women to his house, murder them and saw them into pieces in the bathtub. In an effort to curb his proclivity for homicide he decides to become a self-imposed shut-in but an unexpected guest shows up and throws things off course.

“HERBIE!” is a great short; it’s unique and creepy but humorous. It is mildly flawed (the timing in certain areas is awkward and there are a few moments of less than average acting) but not enough so to be overly distracting. All in all, a terrific horror short. “HERBIE!” won Best Short Film at the 2004 New York City Horror Film Festival and there appear to be plans for a feature version of the short, tentatively titled “Discombobulated”.

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