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By Admin | August 22, 2006

The good folks at the LatinoReview got ahold of a full copy of the new Hellboy 2: The Golden Army script, revealing the following synopsis:

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army picks up after the events of the first film – Hellboy and his fiery girlfriend Liz are trying to make a go of living together, but there’s a lot of tension. Aquatic Abe Sapien still lives in a water tank, but he has a new and updated breathing gear for when he’s walking around. And Agent Tom Manning, the liason for Hellboy and the team at the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Development is still trying to deal with Hellboy’s antics, where he is more and more being noticed and photographed.

He shouldn’t bother, though. When a Manhattan auction house is attacked by a sword-wielding elf and a troll, the event serves as Hellboy’s coming out party. While battling a flesh eating mass of tooth fairies – they’re creepier than they sound! – Hellboy manages to take the fight to a crowd of reporters, where he and the BPRD are completely outed. Cue the opening credits!”

From there we get even more action-galore, including:

* a flashback where the Golden Army tears through a human army
* a troll market
* a five story tall tree elemental battling Hellboy on the Brooklyn Bridge
* Yokai spirits rampaging in Tokyo
* a dragon attacking Moscow

Hopefully the movie won’t suck and will have better replay value then the first. Otherwise we’ll have to come up with insulting ways to discuss the film. At least the porn title is done for us: “Bellboys Too: The Golden Shower.”

Read the full story over at the LatinoReview>>>

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