By Steve Anderson | April 12, 2007

Every child’s left behind out at Hell Hole High, perhaps the single worst high school on the face of the earth. “Hell Hole High” follows three students–the son of a drug-addicted smut peddler, the rebellious daughter (rebellious because she refuses to get breast implants despite her mother’s insistence) of a henpecked man and his trophy wife, and the marginally normal but perpetually silent child of two frighteningly synchronized individuals–as they begin a school year at this unsettling institution of lower learning.

Okay, sure, if you were alive during the eighties there’s a good chance you’ve already seen “Rebel High”, and you’re going to find that this is much the same concept, only they took it a whole lot farther than anyone would have thought to take things back in the eighties. Oh, and it’s a whole lot less coherent.

“Hell Hole High” is less like a movie and more like a series of vaguely interconnected ideas forced to live on the same DVD. If there’s a plot in here anywhere, I can’t find it. Lousy poetry, Indian spirit guides, second-rate computer graphics…it’s all here. The only thing I can’t really determine is WHY it’s here. Seriously. No clue. No clue at ALL. It just keeps bouncing around from point to point, class to class, with no overarching theme to hold it all in place. No order, no reason, no point. All in all, there’s not much to say for “Hell Hole High”–it’s not entertaining, there’s no real point to it, they just strung a bunch of random concepts together and ran with it. There’s also, sadly, no real reason to watch

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