By David Finkelstein | May 13, 2002

Computers, CD players, tape decks, etc. are gleefully destroyed with drills, circular saws, and by being burned and hurled to the ground. There are several shots of a bleeding wound on a finger, evidently a byproduct of the destructive frenzy.

Besides acting out a fantasy that many of us have had when confronted with the idiotic design of consumer electronic goods, this film depicts an ironic Luddite revenge; technology destroyed, but using some pretty fancy tools to do it. The bloody finger reminded me of our love/hate relationship with machines, where we simultaneously resent them and overidentify with them.

FIVE SHORT FILMS BY THORSTEN FLEISCH  This film is part of the series of “Five Short Films by Thorsten Fleisch.” These five short films all explore Fleisch’s obsession with creating dialogues between the human body and machines. Read all of the reviews including HEIMWERKER (HIGH TECH), VIDEOHAUT (VIDEO SKIN), K.I.L.L., BLUTRAUSCH (BLOODLUST), HAUTNAH (SKINFLICK).

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