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By Admin | March 23, 1998

This movie is hipster madness, I tell you. But it falls just short of the mark. The pretty people who populate the surreal New York landscape are meant to be preying on Taimie and Jarrid, our innocent young couple. But the buxom and luscious Taimie (Tiffany Shepis) is acting bad-a*s even before she meets the first character, her sheepish boyfriend. For his part, he doesn’t change much more than his clothes, though that seems reasonable since the status quo got him into Shepis’ pleasant pants in act one. I wish we’d been taken on more of a character trip, instead of just understanding innately that when you meet people who do drugs you start doing more drugs, turn against your loved ones and then bad things happen (like very hot sex, but with the wrong people). And really, the robbery scenes meant to establish Trance and Estrogen as the evil menace couple are somewhat silly.

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