This limited edition DVD, which is put out by Low Budget Pictures before Troma does the regular release, is exactly what you’d expect from this company. Plenty of sick humor and clever lines and a story that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. In this case, Heather (Meredith Host) suspects her sister Puggly (Lauren Puschkin) may be under the siren spell of an alien named Venus (Noel Williams). Puggly is definitely under that spell, but after a night of love making with her penis-sized clitoris, she realizes Venus’ foul plan far too late to do anything. It’s up to her friends to save the day, and that means things won’t go well.

“Heather & Puggly Drop a Deuce” won’t win an Oscar for best comedy, and horror fans will be put off by all the humor. That said, there is a reason Troma is releasing this, as it will appeal to that company’s faithful.

Mention also needs to be made of b-movie goddess Debbie Rochon’s cameo. This is probably the most unerotic role she’s ever played. As Puggly’s mom, she brings a new definition to the word “disgusting” (and that’s saying something, as you’ll understand when you first see Puggly in action).

Low Budget Pictures has its detractors, and they won’t be swayed by this film. The rest of us who get the joke, however, will find this to be a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an hour of our time.

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