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By Film Threat Staff | October 10, 2002

Ray Harryhausen started this fully stop-motion animated short 50 years ago, but then his career took off creating the visual effects for some stuff you may have heard of before – “20 Million Miles to Earth” and “Jason and the Argonauts.” So, “The Tortoise & the Hare” got left in the dust.
Now, “The Tortoise & the Hare” has been picked up, dusted off and completed by Harryhausen, with the help of Mark Caballero and Seamus Walsh.
The original puppets were used as was the original 50-year-old footage, restored as it needed be. Harryhausen even broke his 22-year retirement by animating a few of the new scenes himself.
For more on “The Tortoise & the Hare,” visit the Screen Novelties Int’l website.

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