By Film Threat Staff | February 28, 2001

If you want to see the “Harry Potter” trailer this weekend, you’ll be forced to catch a dog. That’s right, you’ll have to see the David Arquette “family comedy” (and we use the word “comedy” loosely here) “See Spot Run.” This, uh, cute dog movie is the kind of thing that might play on The Wonderful World of Disney, but somehow it’s getting released to theaters. Presumably to promote the forthcoming video release. The only reason to see this dog is to catch the “Harry Potter” trailer. Could this cause the same kind of frenzy as the debut of the “Star Wars: Episode I” trailer? Kids walking in to watch “See Spot Run” and walking out moments after catching the “Harry” trailer? We shall see. The trailer also debuts via satellite for anyone who would like to tape it and if you can read the coordinates on the note, you can set your VCR. Otherwise, you’re probably going to be stuck with the dog movie.

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