Remember Fluke Starbucker and Princess Anne Droid? Remember flying irons and laser zapping hair dryers? If you do, then you know that we’re talking about “Hardware Wars” here – the first and BEST “Star Wars” spoof out there.
Now, the crazy short you used to watch on SelecTV will get its due respects. On June 20-21, at the Hershey Comicon in Philadelphia, PA, Scott Matthews and Cindy Freeling, the actors who played Fluke Starbucker and Princess Anne Droid in “Hardware Wars,” will be making an appearance. Now there’s a couple of autographs you can be proud of.
If you’re not going to be in Philly during the Con, don’t worry…we’ve got you covered. Go grab a copy of the “Hardware Wars” DVD from the Film Threat store and then get together with a bunch of your goofy friends to watch it and it’ll be like you’re having your own Hershey Comicon.
For your own copy of “Hardware Wars,” visit the Film Threat DVD Store.

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