By Rogan Marshall | November 26, 2003

This cute little comedy short concerns two Los Angeles cops who find themselves in a quandary when they accost the mayor’s dog for biting someone in the park.
This is a short film shot in Hollywood made by young Hollywood professionals crafting a calling card. This intent is clear because the filmmakers have done the job correctly. The look is slick; both camera and editing are accurate and tight. The music is really good, and there’s some great animation under the opening credits. Samson is pretty good with actors, and his writing isn’t bad, either, except for the actual comic stings; his punch lines never seem to really work.
Yes, it sounds like I’m describing a Ben Stiller movie; that’s about where Samson operates, and that’s about the level his material is on, and this is an accurate comparison, both as compliment and insult. By the time you read these words, if there is any real justice in Hollywood, Samson should be on his way to bigger and better things, like a lucrative position as a writer or director of television programs.

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