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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | December 22, 2007

Next year brings us Iron Man, Batman, the Joker, Indiana Jones, Hellboy, and a giant monster stomping New York. It may just turn out to be a banner year in pure blockbuster mayhem with films that provide substance along with their monikers. They’re also my most anticipated movies of 2008.

2007 was a great year for films and 2008 may follow along with the same ilk.

I celebrate Christmas, and though I definitely am a cynic of all cynics, Christmas usually demands a joy from me that’s rarely seen. So as I park my a*s down to watch a 24 hour marathon of “A Christmas Story” and crack open some egg nog laced with vodka, I wish you all a happy Holidays.

Take care of yourself.

See you in 2008.

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