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By Mark Bell | December 24, 2012

Detectives Johnny Babe (Nick Biron) and Stacey Valentine (Derek Weston) pull over a man (Andrew Bachelor) and search the trunk of his car, where they find what appears to be a huge package of cocaine. Like any good cop show or movie, however, the cocaine must be tested to make sure it isn’t powdered sugar, and Valentine pulls out his knife and takes a taste. And then another.

Handsome Police: Episode 1 is three minutes of funny, perfectly spoofing that “cop tests the drugs to make sure they’re authentic” moment that always seems so odd for something that has become so stereotypical. Sure, it opens like a 1970s police serial, which is starting to feel a little played out, but then it gets right into the joke, nails it and ends before the humor goes stale. The comedy is strong, the pacing tight and the performances spot-on. It even looks great.

This is only episode one, and I’m ready for more Handsome Police. The bar has been set pretty high right from the jump, and hopefully it can sustain for however many episodes the filmmakers decide to go with it. But, even if I never see another episode, this one will always make me smile.

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