Now that Jeremy’s gotten his choices out of the way, here are a few more that I’m really looking forward to:

“Le Tueur”

Being newly immersed in a French speaking province, I’ve been on a bit of a French film kick recently and this one looks really good and. The trailer is a bit deceptive, seemingly selling it like just another post-Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, fast-edited overly-hip crime movie about a hitman. But in the final seconds of the trailer, there’s a twist. The man he is going to kill knows why he is there. And he has a proposition for the hit man…

Putting a twist ending in your trailer is a hell of a device and it certainly sets up the viewer to expect a twisty thriller with lots of red herrings. While not your classic genre fare, it still looks pretty violent and exciting so I’m gonna check it out.

JK: This looks really good, kind of reminds me of a cross between “Bad Lieutenant” and “Leon.”

“Who is KK Downey?”

The first feature by Montreal film collective, Kidnapper films, looks like it could be the next Canadian no budget comedy to break out a la Fubar. Actually, the guy who played Terry is in this movie too. Only this time it’s the hipster Fubar, with a plot inspired by the whole JT Leroy (The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things) scandal.

Apparently it’s been snatching up audience awards at festivals all over the place and it looks very, very, funny, but very, very, weird.

JK: I’m not sold, this looks almost painfully indie. Like it’s trying too hard.

Actually, there’s a ton more I wanna catch, but I’m afraid I just don’t have time to mention all of them. However, I will call you out Jeremy, because for you of all people to have missed this one is frankly, shocking:

“Tunnel Rats”

Uwe Boll’s Vietnam movie. That’s right, you read correctly.

I feel like there isn’t really much more for me to say about this one, but I think I’m gonna try to fit it in as a matinée out of pure morbid curiosity. Apparently it is half-decent, and I don’t consider the man void of talent, just lacking in technical finesse. But the trailer makes me feel it could easily go either way, so I’m gonna go in with no expectations and I probably won’t feel too bad if it does turn out to be crap. At least it’s sure to be entertaining crap.

JK: Wow, a serious Boll movie. I liked “Postal,” but I’m no apologist and was well aware that it’s a flawed piece of work. This, however, looks very straight and could be well done depending on the writing. The trailer looks pretty good. Who knows? This could be another step towards Boll’s redemption in the eyes of fanboys.

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