This isn’t Han Solo! This is the guy that Han Solo calls for technical support in case something goes wrong on the Millennium Falcon. You’d never hear Han talking like this.
The biggest risk in this one was the fact that Han Solo is already well ingrained into the popular culture and in Star Wars fans in the form of Harrison Ford. Jeremy West fails spectacularly in that regard, but his riff on Apple as Crapple feels old. However, he does improve slightly with mentioning that at one point when he got into trouble with not having his cargo, his “girlfriend ended up choking the guy to death”. Hint, hint, obsessive fans. The droid situation also is good, but does little to improve this parody on the “Switch” commercials for Apple. Between this one and “Dark Side Switch Campaign”, “Dark Side” clinches it when it comes to spoofing these “Switch” commercials because it’s a fascinating idea, telling in a way why Anakin switched to the Dark Side, long before good ol’ Uncle George has us sitting down in our cushy multiplex seats (depending strictly on which multiplex you go to. I’ve had a fairly good amount of luck with theaters in South Florida), bringing us the final and crucial chapter of this saga.
The Han Solo parody tries, but can’t cut it, even with a droid situation.

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