Anthony Michael Hall is set to burst onto the indie scene in the romantic comedy “Funny Valentine.” Produced by Souvenir Pictures, Watermelon Patch Productions and alphabetmedia, “Funny Valentine” stars actor Anthony Michael Hall, as well as relative newcomers Ivan Martin (soon to be seen in “People I Know” with Al Pacino, and in Woody Allen’s “Spring Project”) and Lord Jamar (former Brand Nubian and astar of the HBO television series “Oz”).
According to the filmmakers, the film is described as, “…a lively and comic style, this romantic comedy is all about what it takes to find true love in the City. Starring Hall (a veteran of over 35 films), it features the trials and tribulations surrounding dating, friendships single parenting, emotional growth, and being true to one’s self.” Sounds very earnest.
As for Hall, this is quite a departure from his days as a dork in films like “The Breakfast Club” and “Weird Science.” The film describes Hall’s character Josh as “a terminally helpless victim of love — Hall turns to his two friends, Tim and Sean, self-proclaimed singles experts, to give him an image overhaul in a thoroughly comic manner. In the meantime, Josh applies his newly acquired wisdom on Doreen, a woman his buddies have declared out of Josh’s league. Through trials, tribulations and various missteps, love does triumph in the end.”
The filmmakers are also proud to point out that “Funny Valentine” is the first major indie to begin shooting on the streets of New York since the September 11th tragedy.
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