By Eric Campos | March 20, 2004

It’s pretty basic here. You have a Bill Plympton movie. You know what to expect – complete rampant insanity from the mind of a mad genius. Not to say that this is the same old, same old. Not at all. “I Married a Strange Person” covered sex and war, “Mutant Aliens” is self explanatory, and “Hair High” is kinda like “Grease” mixed with “Return of the Living Dead.” The themes change, but that hilarious craziness is always there. The man definitely has his own style and nobody can f**k with it. He’s been smoking the weed that we’ve all been looking for since the dawn of time. Somehow he found it and his films are a result.

The framework of “Hair High” consists of a ‘50s high school romance that refuses to die…even after death. And that’s your basic story. But the meat of this movie lies with Plympton’s unique brand of overblown reality leading to often graphically gory or stomach churning twisted detail. Just remember all of the anxieties you had in high school and apply them to Plympton’s twisted gray matter. You have “Hair High.” Love the guy and you’ll have a great time with his newest feature. Not into him and you’re better off spending your time doing something else.

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