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By Admin | January 3, 2001

Last Days is filmmaker Gus Van Sant’s reflection on the psychological chaos that devours a brilliant but troubled musician in the final hours of his life. Michael Pitt (The Dreamers, Hedwig & the Angry Inch, and “Murder by Numbers”) stars as Blake, a decaying artist who is sinking fast under the height of fame, weight of creativity and the depth of isolation.

“Last Days” follows Blake through an hour-glass of time as he haunts a wooded home, a fugitive from time and space. It is a period of random events and cold human contact that culminates in a last gasp of musicality. Although inspired by Kurt Cobain, it’s a work of fiction.

Gus Van Sant, who remade Psycho (Anne Heche looking more Ken Lay than Janet Leigh in the shower scene), finally gets the “house as character” thing right. After the janitor prodigy poop of Good Will Hunting and the Connery kilt-crapper Finding Forrester, GVS has done what few directors can: pulled his head out his a*s, drained his studio-clogged veins and got back on track with Gerry, Elephant and now “Last Days.” Directors take note: John Waters find just one divine muse and Coen Brothers shake-off George Clooney.

Random Gus Van Sant facts: He is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, directed the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under the Bridge” music video, previously worked as Roger Corman’s assistant and has directed River, Rain and Joaquin Phoenix in his films.

Get the interview in part two of GUS VAN SANT: LAST WORDS ON “LAST DAYS”>>>


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