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By Ron Wells | March 31, 1997

From Hollywood (if it’s the Sphinx, it stinks) Pictures, comes this romantic comedy about a hit man (John Cusack) attending his ten year high school reunion. And you know what? It’s damn funny. It’s genius to have Cusack, who starred in some of the best teen romantic comedies ever, appear in a film of the budding new high school reunion genre (there’s plenty more on the way). I’ve got a soft spot for a movie where the main character kills people to the new wave songs of my youth. Lloyd Dobler’s back and he’s mad.
The romantic comedy segment features Minnie Driver as the high school sweetheart Cusack deserted at the senior prom to run off to the Army to be a trained killer. The chemistry between the two is amazing and it’s the best thing I’ve seen Driver in. It’s also the best date film I’ve seen in a long time: at least 12 people die.
SPECIAL NOTE: Avoid Driver’s other recent film, “Sleepers”, just out on video. It’s the anti-date movie of 1996. I was dumb enough to take one and I didn’t feel like putting the moves on anything for a while after.

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